Thursday Doors August 31: Because yet again, we never ever tire of Italy!

Ok. I know, I know – my last few posts have been limited to Thursday’s Door challenge (though, a lovely challenge it is!). If only that pesky work thing didn’t burden my days!

Volterra. I struggle with saying it was my favorite hill town in Italy. Because those who’ve been know – it’s near impossible to have one favorite spot in Italy.  That said, I adored this splendid town, and have pics to view that would put us all to sleep. In a good way, to sleep. Its fairy tail “pinch me” charm goes unsurmounted…

For Joey’s (Norm’s on vacation!) Thursday Doors Challenge!



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  1. I love this selection so much, I can tell you had a great time there. Your purchases are splendid. Many, many, MANY other towns await you. Just knock.

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    1. Knock, knock! And thanks Manja. Add this to your list for sure, we need to compare doors 🙂 OR, you can wait for me, and we go together.

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      1. Ohh, I did Volterra doors already, let me find the posts, I think there were two:

        And here is the first, non-door post from there. It’s not in my top ten towns for nothing…

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      2. Ahhhhh! Wonderful!

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  2. I love Volterra. What a beautiful necklace. Good find!

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    1. So glad you’ve been fortunate enough to spend time there as well! And yes, I will say that the necklace was an excellent find (the ones you aren’t looking for in the first place, tend to be just that) 🙂

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  3. Simply gorgeous!


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  4. prior.. says:

    the doors are so rich and detailed – but the post really comes alive with the art – and I love your treat of a necklace. 🙂

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  5. jesh stg says:

    True, it’s impossible to have one favorite city in Italy, but the same is for Germany, France, Spain, or the UK, and that is only W-Eur.:) Love the narrow, up-down hill cobblestone streets and the arches This little church is a jewel!

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  6. “Aahh Tuscany” indeed!!! 💕 Gorgeous!

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