Thursday Doors 2017

While I didn’t quite squeak out a full year of doors, I was still lucky enough to be introduced to Norm’s Thursday Doors challenge by my magnificent friend (and Italy compadre) Manja. Many of the doors, not surprisingly, were ones I strolled by, entered, or just plain adored whilst in my Italy travels this past summer. It’s a challenge to keep my post brief, so I’ll have to dig not so deep to try to pick my ultimate favs.

Closer to home – well, kind of! Seems these doors actually span coast to coast 🙂

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  1. Yeahh! Just caught this before bedtime. So glad to see us and your amazing doors again. ❤ Italy is for visit and now you know it. I have no doubt you will return. To another door-filled year!

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    1. Thanks Manja and indeed it is for doors! Hoping perhaps 2018 finds me there again 😉

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      1. Still hoping just the same… All well, just busy, I presume. We’ll be right here waiting.

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      2. yes yes – busy and no opportunity for doors in my travels, sadly. Soon I hope! 🙂

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